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Education is basically a process of learning whereby we are able to get knowledge and skills through values, habits, and beliefs and it is an activity that is practiced in our day to day activities.   Since education is part of our daily activities, it follows that it is something that you cannot do without and for this reason it is part of our community and our way of life and in this discussion we are going to look at the various ways in which education is of benefit and an advantage to us.   Be excited tolearn more about drug counseling studies.

Education can either be formal or informal but despite the fact it is still education and the fact that we are able to get knowledge and skills it means that we are able to apply this knowledge and skills on certain activities which are able to help us develop our lives in a better way.   Formal education is able to assist an individual economically by ensuring that one gets employment and is able to attain a salary which will assist him to be able to meet his financial obligations and also improve his real life or lifestyle.

Most governments ensure that they invest in the education of their citizens and this is so that they are able to empower their people economically which may lead to a stable economic government and also a government that is able to survive on its own financially.   The formal and informal type of education have both contributed to specific professions such as doctors, medicine men, carpenters, engineers and all other professions which have been able to fabricate our lives to be easier through the production of various products, equipment and also technology.  Learn more about the drug and alcohol counselor certification california.

As a result of education most minds have been able to be developed and enhanced in terms of thinking, and for this reason individuals are able to make calculated and well-investigated decisions depending on certain circumstances and also depending on their thinking capacity and the level of education.  Formal education has been able to bring about various forms of mannerisms and certain behaviors and this has assisted us to be able to know how to relate to other individuals.   As a result of the exchange programs that are normally experienced in various institutions, this has led to cultural interaction due to the fact that different students are able to come together from different countries and be able to learn together under the same institution.  In this talk, we have been able to look at the numerous advantages that have been able to be brought about by education, putting into consideration both the formal and the informal kind of education. View more about tips in selecting a school at